Now what?

all those booksWell it took a little more than a year but I finished my scrapbooks! And I was dragging butt by the end there….I cant beleive I actually finished I suppose thats what happens when one actually plans things out and then executes on the plan….go figure! However these have been on my radar for so long that I fear whats next. Dont get me wrong….I KNOW whats next but how do I get there? I finished the last of the scrapbooks in late August and except for some loose ends ( small and insignificant ones) I consider it a job well done. Here it is mid September and I feel like I am flailing.  Its all so overwhelming what to do next and I am like a squirrel in the fall….running around from acorn to acorn deciding which I should actually pick up and take care of.  I am really at a transition place in my life as a whole. Its like there is a giant crossroads sign hanging over my head. I couldnt miss it if I wanted to; namely my youngest is nearly 18 and I suddenly dont need to be THAT mom anymore. I cant even remember what its like not to be a mom 24/7.  Anyhow so here I am with days free and I am really facing this list of semi finished tutorials,  varied interests , projects never started and others never finished. I put virtually on hold for the scrapbooks.

Fortunately I am a organizational geek. If it has something to do with calendars, motivation, organization I have read about it, tried it or seen it.  ( Hence the the sucess at finishing the scrapbooks….did I mention I finished them?)  So I have been noodling on how and what to broach next and of course the eternal question of ….what do I want to do with my life. I really wish I was one of those people that just KNEW what they wanted. I fight the story, I am a complete loser and unfocused, in my head all the time. But thats not true….look at my scrapbooks. 😉

Here is a partial list of wants to do:

  • Finish my Donna Downey 48 weeks of art
  • Finish Sebastian Michaels Grunge Art class
  • Start Sebastian Michaels 21 days to creative abundance ( that one is intimidating)
  • Learn to create and carve out my own stamps
  • Get back to creating my own stencils
  • Get back to art journaling and collaging
  • Create another poster or two along with cards and such
  • learn to draw better
  • learn how to use my Big Shot ( I bought the Pro and am wondering if I bit off more than I can chew)
  • Maybe do Lifebook again ( I never finished it last time however but it had some great classes)

I also have a list of books to read but thats another list….

So….because of that I bought a 12 week planner. 12 weeks you say? Yes 12 weeks….a year is far too long to plan unless you have like 18 scrapbooks to do) But because I am kind of OCD you must know that September is the end of the 3rd quarter and The next quarter  starts in October. SO I feel like I cant really start yet ( ya my mind really does think that….its pathetic)  None the less I have been doing some random things. I have been busy creating calendars and plans and even doing some creating which feels really good.

Anyhow the plan is also to get back on here and start writing as well….I have all sorts of worries and celebrations to share….well one or two anyway.

Dwelling in Possibility





Published: September 21, 2016