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nymphgoldwebLooking back on my past post I see I have moved forward incrementally. I finished Photoshop Artistry and am currently enrolled in AWAKE with Sebastian Michaels. I also started the 21 days of Creative Abundance yesterday so its going to be a busy month with photoshop. I am set up to do the next DD video later this week and ( #10) and I have been scanning and adding things to my digital stash like crazy. This winter I also went thru approx 300 mags cutting up sorting and filing. I upgraded to Creative Cloud and am learning Lightroom and enjoying the new photoshop. I havent done much in terms of physical creating and that is a goal to get back to as well. I did take a class in perspective this winter and am finishing up a sketching class as well. I want to get more used to drawing as well as digital work.

The only thing I am immediately behind on is my calendar and that is frustrating. I keep avoiding it….

Other than that busy busy busy!


Published: March 6, 2017

Road Trip!


My daughter and I and a cousin-in-law took a roadtrip to the Skagit Valley and in particular to visit the lovely Tulips on display at Roozengaarde Farms for the Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. What an incredible site! I just could not stop taking pictures! As we parked a quick moving shower passed over head completely with whipping winds and stinging rain. But then the sun came out and so did the colors. I have never seen so many flowers blooming in all one place. It was truly incredible.  Non stop eye candy for the floral kind.


Published: April 1, 2015

Autumn nights

Sunset at UconnGoing out for our usual Starbucks run after dinner I often have views of gorgeous wire free, building free sunsets and we hit it just right the other night. The sunset was breathtaking and this picture is a bit dark but I love that the ever so slight glimmer of the car window reflected in the darkest part of the picture and makes it look like the stars are peeking through like a glimpse through the sky.

Photography is my first love and and I have pictures dating back to 1975 that I took of a tarantula in Arizona and I had turned the camera on an angle so the pictures all come out diamond shaped. ( I have no idea why) I was never encouraged to follow through with my deep love of photography but I rock a Nikon DSLR and take a decent picture at times if I do say so myself. There is magic in the light and it catches me every time. Between the advent of phone cameras  and going through  school and learning graphic  web design I am using the camera now more than ever for more than anything. Its wonderful to see peoples shared visions in a beautiful world.



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Oh Northern Lights wherefore art thou?

Well it was rumored that the Aurora Borealis was going to be visible on the Connecticut shore line this past weekend so we trekked down there after dark and found a suitable place in the dark near a river with as little light pollution as possible which just isnt easy in Connecticut or the entire eastern seaboard. But we tried and trekked with friends down a wooded trail in the dark which brought uncomfortable feelings to the fore. But the fact is one just cant get truly lost on the Connecticut coast. There are houses and lights everywhere.

We set up and waited messing around with our setting but nothing really happend. It occured to me that I really dont know what to expect. I mean I have seen pictures but never SEEN them. Seeing and photographing the aurora borealis is definitely a bucket list item and it was not achieved this weekend but we had a good time with nighttime photography which I am definitely new at. The following pics are kinda cool in that I have never tried any night time photography. These are all 30 second exposures.

I definitely want to try some more night shots even if I dont see the Aurora Borealis its fun to experiment.


ISO 640 exp 30 sec

ISO 640 exp 30 sec

ISO 640 exp 30 sec.

ISO 640 exp 30 sec.

ISO 640 30 sec exp.

ISO 640 30 sec exp.

Hubby moving a flashlight to  different spots. 640 ISO and 30 sec exp.

Hubby moving a flashlight to different spots.

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