Betty Crocker or from scratch?

Princess Castle Box Card

My niece’s birthday is tomorrow.  Can you imagine someone more passionate than a child born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius?  Her parents have their hands full I assure you. Though she is turning 4 I have only met her once. But that is a story for another time and another forum.  At any rate I am told by her grandmother that she is quite the Princess and will be having a princess birthday tomorrow. I wanted to make something special and of course the box card I made for my mom came to mind and so I did some research on Pinterest (where else?) and discovered the  castle in a box card which when the template is purchased comes with about 5 other designs for box cards. I plunk down my paypal account and bought the set for a reasonable sum.

Because I have the tools and the know how I downloaded, converted, printed and cut the template out toot sweet as they say. ( Does anyone say that anymore?)  The hardest part was finding the right size and color paper. Apparently I did not own 12×12 pink cardstock. So I had to go shopping ( awww…gosh I HATE shopping :) ). Anyhow once the particular shades of pink were purchased it all went along swimmingly.  And so there it is put together, mailed  along with the children’s book Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I do hope she likes it or at least her parents do.  Though I can never tell with them.

My dilemma with this is more cerebral. Bear says that its because I can’t except my own talent. I say its because I am trying to be honest when someone asks…..did you make that? My answer is usually along the lines of….well I put it together. It is a template. I have the tools to make it look easy. But I didnt design it. Admittedly I picked out the colors and patterns and accessorized it making it unique.

Bear says it is not necessary for me to explain about templates and that saying I DID make it is ok.

I guess its in my definition of “making”. To me making something  means original work. Something I created from “scratch” I  likened this to a Betty Crocker brownies. He disagreed.

In the end I doubt my niece ( or brother and sister in law) care. Its fun and cute and she will no doubt rip it apart in her glee. And thats ok. I made it and then I released its fate to be what it will.

But I am just not sure I actually made it so much as constructed it….followed directions and decorated.