And now its today

nymphgoldwebLooking back on my past post I see I have moved forward incrementally. I finished Photoshop Artistry and am currently enrolled in AWAKE with Sebastian Michaels. I also started the 21 days of Creative Abundance yesterday so its going to be a busy month with photoshop. I am set up to do the next DD video later this week and ( #10) and I have been scanning and adding things to my digital stash like crazy. This winter I also went thru approx 300 mags cutting up sorting and filing. I upgraded to Creative Cloud and am learning Lightroom and enjoying the new photoshop. I havent done much in terms of physical creating and that is a goal to get back to as well. I did take a class in perspective this winter and am finishing up a sketching class as well. I want to get more used to drawing as well as digital work.

The only thing I am immediately behind on is my calendar and that is frustrating. I keep avoiding it….

Other than that busy busy busy!