About Me


I am a late bloomer and alternative path follower; Photo taker, learning to draw, avid lover of old books and new technologies, social media and handwritten letters. I am a collector of ephemera. An art journaling digital collager, scrapbooker, and crossword puzzler.

I am familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress and Dreamweaver. In my spare time I am also a mom and wife and occasional cook and taxi driver.

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I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by Cedars and saltwater and am quite content fiddling the day away buried in my office with my computer and my stamps and paints and inks and scissors. When I do get out of the house it is either to go visit antique or thrifting stores with friends or to buy some much needed art supply I can’t live without.

All who know me, love me and understand my eccentricity except those who don’t, won’t or can’t. And those people I tend to avoid. I live in a world where I am a legend in my own mind,  jack of all trades but master of none. I take my humor dry, my wit with smidgeon of sarcasm and I prefer intellectual pursuits to reality TV. Except of course “The Curse of Oak Island.” I must know the Hole truth!