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Oh Northern Lights wherefore art thou?

Well it was rumored that the Aurora Borealis was going to be visible on the Connecticut shore line this past weekend so we trekked down there after dark and found a suitable place in the dark near a river with as little light pollution as possible which just isnt easy in Connecticut or the entire eastern seaboard. But we tried and trekked with friends down a wooded trail in the dark which brought uncomfortable feelings to the fore. But the fact is one just cant get truly lost on the Connecticut coast. There are houses and lights everywhere.

We set up and waited messing around with our setting but nothing really happend. It occured to me that I really dont know what to expect. I mean I have seen pictures but never SEEN them. Seeing and photographing the aurora borealis is definitely a bucket list item and it was not achieved this weekend but we had a good time with nighttime photography which I am definitely new at. The following pics are kinda cool in that I have never tried any night time photography. These are all 30 second exposures.

I definitely want to try some more night shots even if I dont see the Aurora Borealis its fun to experiment.


ISO 640 exp 30 sec

ISO 640 exp 30 sec

ISO 640 exp 30 sec.

ISO 640 exp 30 sec.

ISO 640 30 sec exp.

ISO 640 30 sec exp.

Hubby moving a flashlight to  different spots. 640 ISO and 30 sec exp.

Hubby moving a flashlight to different spots.

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Do or do not… motivated are you?

Late Nights is finished and submitted. Thank Goodness!! In class on tuesday  I had the box 75% of the way constructed and finished and my professor came up with some small but important corrections. When I said I was almost finished he shrugged. But the answer was clear. It was my choice to fix or not to fix but it would clearly effect my grade. As a classmate put it later. Its not weather you can fix it but will you show the motivation that you WILL fix the problem.  ANd of course I did. I spent the entire day wednesday  reconstructing the project with the corrections and took these pics some time late wednesday afternoon. Over all I really like the look of it and though there were still minor  construction problems that I found still I think it is a good project and I learned a lot about a bunch of stuff.

I also sense my style coming through. I really like owls which I already knew and I like classic retro looks to stuff. The cigar box is a something I have a few of in my collections and with this project I bought my first professional fonts from LetterHead Fonts which, I might add, I am quite enamored of. I look at the finished project and the pictures and I am surprised I am capable of this. Does that smack of a lack of self esteem? I just never really thought of myself as a designer so when I see these I think….wow I did that. Everything in my life is conspiring to make me feel good about myself but those negative messages are dug in pretty deep.

Still there is a deep satisfaction with my accomplishments and eventually it will overcomes the old tapes. Congrats to me!

Latenights2web   latenights3web



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Questions for Teacher

I have been working on project two for Design class. The brief refers to packaging for a Coffee Company called “coffee break” which we were allowed to rename and I did so alarmingly fast. My coffee company is called “Late Nights Coffee Co.” and it is focused at those men and women who are driven to succeed and will stay up all night to meet deadlines and success head on. These are pictures of my second draft and it is still a work in progress. Final project is due in a week. I have had a really good time with this. And actually this is my second packaging project since I started school and I did well on the first one as well. Maybe I am misguided and need to be a package designer instead of a web designer? Who knows.

Any how my borders are traced from a book called The Enschede Catalog of Typographic Borders and Ornaments ( which I must own soon) and the adorable owl I found on Etsy. I just love the monocle. The logo itself is inspired by a Tommy Guns ad in which I loved the font style. I found that is relatively recent but has that old time feeling to it.

My whole theme is around  a ready made strong coffee that is brewed like tea but gives the kick of coffee. The cigar box is the feeling of corporations,success and motivations. And besides I just love cigar box art.


Interior- with inner boxes

Interior- with inner boxes

Packaging Project for Design 3

School Project- Coffee Packaging Cover

Interior with Dividers


As a new designer I understand that we are inspired by those things around us but I keep thinking I need to have original thought and design. In a sense this is original in that I am the only one that has put these elements together exactly this way. On the other hand they are all someone elses designs. As a school project I don’t have to worry much about getting permissions, after all this is not commercial use. But in the future I need to have this clear in my head. More questions for teacher.

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A shiny new WordPress Blog

My husband and personal IT guru got me set up in this and I am so excited to get it going. My name is Marion and I am (at the ripe old age of 47) returned to school. I started off as a Undergraduate in the Graphic Design Program at CCSU but they liked me and my work sooo much they promoted me to grad student toot suite. Frankly while I am flattered I am not sure it was the right choice but nonetheless I am happily learning about graphic design as I work toward my new career that is out there waiting for me somewhere!

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